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Faye & Lou's
Breastfeeding Butterfly £24.95

Available in 3 beautiful fabrics

Is the Butterfly simple to use?

The Butterly is simple to use, we recommended trying it out at home first before using it when out for the first time. It only takes a few seconds to put on which ever style you choose to use.

Can I use the Butterfly if I feed in the rugby position?

You can still use the Butterfly if you are feeding in the rugby position, but we would recommend you use the 'apron style'.

Can the Butterfly be used as a sling?

The Butterfly hasn't been designed to carry a baby,  and  should never be used to carry your baby.

What is the size of the Butterfly?

The length at the bottom which goes round your hips is 160 cm, this is elasticated so will stretch at least another 30cms,  and from the bottom to top is 92cm. It has ties and poppers so you can adjust it to your size.

Can I feed twins with the Butterfly?

Yes if you wish to feed twins, you can use it in the ‘apron Style’.

What is the Butterfly made of?

The Butterfly is made of 100% cotton.

What temperature can I wash the Buttertfly at?

You can wash the Butterfly at 40c.

How long will delivery take?

You should receive your Butterfly within 2-5 days.