Faye & Lou's
Breastfeeding Butterfly

Of course, there are situations when a mum feels awkward of self-conscious breastfeeding in public. That's why we invented the Breastfeeding Butterfly.

We came up with it on one of our many longhaul trips together. Its inspiration was the sight of mums in India and South East Asia using beautiful shawls or saris to breastfeed more discreetly.

By contrast, the breastfeeding tops available in the U.K. and Europe are clinical and unflattering. They're either awkward to put on, or so big that they attract the attention you were trying to avoid in the first place!

The Breastfeeding Butterfly is a smart, chic and effortless alternative to breastfeeding tops. It provides mum with cover for her breast, post-pregnancy stomach, side and back. Feeding in a calm and cosy environment, the baby can maintain eye contact with mum.

The Breastfeeding Butterfly is inspiring mothers everywhere to breastfeed more regularly and more naturally than ever before.

It's been a big hit and even made a cameo appearance on Eastenders!

Faye & Lou's
Rainbow Muslins

One of the first of many surprises for new parents is the importance of muslins.

These versatile cloths are essential and have an extraordinary range of uses.

We've noticed how quickly white muslins start to look grey and stained, so we decided that the muslin market needed a revamp. That's how the Rainbow Muslins were born.

Rainbow Muslins come in bright, eye-catching rainbow colours which are stimulating for baby.

Faye & Lou's
Cozio Swaddling Muslins

As nannies like us have known forever, swaddling is one of the best ways to calm a fretful baby.

Most swaddling wraps on the market are very expensive, or complicated to use. Having tried them, we decided to go back to basics, and added Cozio Swaddling Muslins to the Faye and Lou product range. Again, we used striking colours, so they wear well, look funky, and brighten things up.